«Who is — SibEDGE

Over the years the us implemented dozens of major projects, and the count of projects hours are estimated by hundreds of thousands. We missed through our entire software development experience and now we can say with confidence that the core competencies of SibEDGE stands on three pillars:

​Workflow systems,
processes and interactions

For workflow in the enterprise employees and the introduction of electronic documents circulation, we use the combination of advanced design technologies and rich experience in building an ECM, ACM, CMS systems. Projects are implemented as on ready-made platforms such as MS SharePoint and Alfresco, and from scratch on ASP.NET MVC, Java EE and other languages. Our goal is to help managers at all levels to improve control and optimize costs


We develop mobile applications for the three major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as for alternative. In order to optimize costs the customer focuses on cross-platform technology Xamarin, Unity, ExtJS. However in case of desire of the customer native languages are used


Testing and quality

For the most thorough testing of complete systems (QC) and quality control (QA) solutions created we accumulate the best world experience, conduct training and support quality standards CMMI and ISO 9001. Software testing is done both through bespoke projects, and as a separate service