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Who we are

We are a full-cycle software development company focusing on an approach to business transformation that puts people first. We combine our innovative technology vision with our clients’ business objectives to help them have a smooth journey to digital transformation. For over 14 years, we have successfully implemented over 350 projects across more than 15 countries. We have offices in San Francisco, CA, and Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Tomsk, Russia and in 2019, the company opened a representative office in Australia.

Our values

Strategic partnership
We follow the cooperation and collaborative goal achievement principles.
Openness to change
The world around us changes constantly, and we like to change and grow along.
We realize and take responsibility for each action and final result.
We learn new things to make the most amazing ideas a reality.

Our history

Sibedge continues to expand its end-to-end service offerings— to help its clients become agile and more adaptive to New Normal. Team Extension and Agile Software Development services have been enforced and a new service Squad Product Development has been added.
Our long-term cooperation has begun with the first global customer, - Hotspot Sheild, U.S. company offering a virtual private network for safe web browsing on mobile devices and computers. Over 20 million customers from 190 countries use the company's services each month. Сooperation with the client continues to present day.
The opening of our Australia office. Sibedge started to expand its regional presence by opening a new technology center as the distributed team of 14 engeeners in Saint Petersburg. It allows us to cover more time zones and get closer to our worldwide customers. Company now employs over 160 professionals.
The company launched the “IT Start” vocational guidance project for grade 8-11 students.
The launch of our office in Moscow. Company now employs over 100 people.
With the opening of our US office, the company’s focus on the Western market shifted towards developing and supporting high load systems.
Sibedge organizes its first annual conference in it's mother region Siberia. Sibedge believes that education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development and invests in environmental development. The conference has been held annually for 10 years to present time.
As a part of its international expansion, the company successfully moved into the Netherlands, having successfully negotiated the Irish market.
A change in development strategy saw the company moving from outsourcing to full-cycle custom development.
The company became one of Russia’s leading developers utilizing Microsoft SharePoint.
Our mobile solutions team was formed. First iOS and Android apps released.
The company moved into a new, larger office and started working on several new projects for large Russian businesses.
The company was given its current name – Sibedge, an event considered by many to be our official birthday.
The company moved into its first office in Tomsk.
Our first project was a corporate intranet that was developed using the .NET Framework platform.

Leader ship

Aleksander Kalinin
Aleksander Kalinin - CEO
You can do better!
Build an effective organization about people, for people and which integrates into global processes and changes the world through technology. Create an environment where development and interaction help everyone achieve their goals.
Personal qualities
He can wait and put out fires. He makes a system out of everything, even if it resists.
He is completely immersed in IT and business. He is looking for answers to IT’s biggest questions. He believes that without a family, nothing matters.
In winter—snowboarding and cross-country skiing. In summer—running away from society, but then definitely coming back.

Seva Morotskiy
Seva Morotskiy - CTO
First I thought it, then I wrote it.
An avid fan and supporter of the development of Java, Python, Go, C# and JavaScript languages in the company, as well as an adept of DevOps/SRE approaches for building high-availability services and systems with a microservice architecture.
Personal qualities
Eats lemons as they are with the peel and becomes nervous when the office coffee-machine stops working.
Actively participates in international conferences and meetings of like-minded people. He spends a lot of time in the company's Australian and American offices.
Likes to run urban or cross-country marathons with the team.

Our team

Together with the Center for Professional Competencies, I work to ensure that our experts develop, improve their grades and discover new ways of development. For example, an engineer can become a team leader or a mentor for junior developers. We also try to carefully study project requirements and correlate them with the skills of our experts. We strive to make sure that our engineers are suitable for projects, and projects are suitable for the engineers. 

Sergey Chernyavskiy
Team happiness manager

What clients say

The main decisive factor for me when choosing Sibedge was the direct interaction with the company’s management, as well as their responsibility and ability to set up all the processes quickly and transparently. Sibedge specialists demonstrated flexibility and high readiness to solve all kinds of tasks and problems throughout the project. What I value most of all in a partnership is trust, commitment, and professionalism. The Sibedge team fully possesses these qualities.

Alexei Skutin
Director of Engineering, Aura
United States

The team has a good experience and I can rely on them. Sibedge approaches the project with a high level of integrity, their communicative and proactive approach has created a seamless long-term partnership. I have complete confidence in the team and I would absolutely recommend them!

Roopam Kakoti
Director of Software Development & Engg. Gestalt Diagnostics
United States

We chose Sibedge because of a small difference in time between the Australian and Tomsk offices—only 3-4 hours. Good communication with the team, trust, and transparency in work were important to us. For me, completing tasks quickly is also important, and I'm quite happy with the final result. I have experience in outsourcing, so I have an idea of how much time a certain task should take. And in this case, most of my expectations came true. It is clear that everyone at Sibedge is committed to working as a team. I would definitely recommend Sibedge to my friends and partners.

CTO deferit
Sibedge in the World
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USA, Australia, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Belarus
Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Finland, Russia
We're less than four time zones away at any given time (from specified regions)

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