Aleksander Kalinin is now an expert in the Association of participants of innovative territorial cluster

Aleksander Kalinin is now an expert in the Association of participants of innovative territorial cluster

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23 November 2015

Aleksander Kalinin, CEO of SibEDGE, became an expert in the Assosiation of participants of innovative territorial cluster “Information technologies and electronics of Tomsk Oblast”.

Following the results of a soft preferential voting, Aleksander became a member of the committee together with:

extending the committee of experts, consisting of:

The main goal of the expert committee is to conduct independent, competent and substantiated evaluation of cluster projects and various offers from the viewpoint of their reasonable suggestion and prospects for implementation within Association activity.

About Association

Full name is the Association of Participants of the Innovative Territorial Cluster "Information Technologies and Electronics of Tomsk Oblast". The abbreviated one is the ITC ITE TO Association. It is located in the city of Tomsk. The Association is a corporate non-profit organization, an association of legal entities based on voluntary membership and created to represent and protect the collective, including professional, interests of its members, to coordinate their entrepreneurial activities, achieve socially useful goals, together with others, that don’t contradict the law and have no commercial basis behind them.

Scope of the Association's activities:

  • Assistance to the development of member-companies and their promotion to the Russian and world markets, including the shaping of Tomsk's image as the center of the IT industry;
  • Development of joint cluster projects;
  • Assistance in the training of personnel and organization of advanced training of management and engineering personnel;
  • Organization of information and communication space for Cluster members;
  • Development of the innovative cluster infrastructure;
  • Representation and protection of collective interests, including professional ones, of the Association members, coordination of their entrepreneurial activities for achievement of socially useful goals.