Gorod IT 2016 is coming up

Gorod IT 2016 is coming up

Andrey, Sales manager's picture
Андрей, Руководитель отдела продаж
07 November 2016

Less than two weeks left before the most remarkable event in IT life of Tomsk – Gorod IT Conference 2016.

Organizing committee, represented by Ruslan Fatikhanov, SibEDGE, Aurigma and Userstory, is working night and day. No, literally, task pool is so brimming over, that some of them have to take night shifts :) All with sole goal to hold a high-profile event.

Are we up to any cool stuff? – Sure thing:

  • Renowned speakers and invited guests, who are worth listening to and meeting in person.
  • Busy program with events of diverse formats – reports, meetings, discussions, house meetings and even a security game.
  • Burning issues brought up as section topics, one of our reports is called: “Growth drivers: how to grow big being small”?

Among other declared reports is “100 exporting IT-companies in Tomsk”, the conference is expecting 500 participants in two days.

Just like the famous Russian poem says:
«You are not obliged to be a poet», but you do have be a participant of Gorod IT conference 2016!