IT consulting: the story of a project

IT consulting: the story of a project

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10 December 2015

We would like to tell about a special competence of ours, which is not widely spread among IT companies, unlike custom software development or implementation of off-the-shelf solutions. Let’s talk  IT consulting.

Strange as it may seem, this service is of vital importance for companies that realize they have issues related to

  • Understanding the specifics of work of IT service or an individual.
  • Security policies in IT.
  • Structured storage and access to data.
  • Lack or inefficient use of infrastructure capacity.
  • Regulations and monitoring of IT service efficiency, etc.

However, formulating and systemizing tasks, as well as seeing the horizon and the depth of possible and existing problems is often a challenging task for customer’s IT specialists. For these purposes a company needs competent outside experts who can give their professional opinion on the state of affairs in IT service and develop the necessary recommendations.

There is a need for IT-consulting when a company wants to:

  • Increase the productivity of workers and equipment.
  • Identify “bottlenecks” in the IT infrastructure and outline a plan for their elimination.
  • Modernize approaches and technologies.
  • Make IT work for the company's profit.

To spill the beans on our work, we’ll briefly describe one of the latest projects we successfully implemented this year to conduct the audit of IT processes.

Audit in Irkutsk Oil Company

SibEDGE has successfully completed the work within the contract for the audit of IT processes in IOC with the aim of increasing the efficiency of their use.

Irkutsk Oil Company is in the phase of active growth. This growth in production volume and the development of new activities pose new challenges for the company's IT department.

The project was fulfilled in close cooperation with the Customer's working group. Despite the fact that IOC is located in another city, SibEDGE specialists demonstrated high efficiency in getting information about problem areas, as well as requirements for the future development strategy of the IT department. The analysis of the documentation and the initial polls of related persons were conducted in a remote format. Most tasks were done directly at the customer site, where SibEDGE was able to integrate into the workflow and follow the inside the plan from the inside. As a result of two extended business trips, we managed get a full idea of the current state of things, possible risks and determine the precise course of development of the IT department.

In the course of audit in IOC we carried out the following tasks:

  1. Inspection of the processes and current state of affairs in the IT department.
  2. Study of processes of internal users of IT services.
  3. Analysis of the company's business strategy and business risks related to IT.
  4. Analysis of the platform and structure of enterprise information systems.
  5. Interviewing more than 50 users of IT systems.
  6. Evaluation of the maturity of IT processes using the Cobit 5 model.
  7. Evaluation of project management of IT using PMBoK model.

The audit made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the IT department, promising lines of development, the main risks that the department may face in the coming years. SibEDGE submited a report on the audit results, that included:

  1. Actual slice of IT system life.
  2. Registry of IT risks identified in the audit process and proposed measures for their elimination.
  3. The proposed plan for the development of IT, for the period of three years.
  4. System of bonuses to IT staff.

The implementation of technical and organizational measures proposed by SibEDGE will enable the IT division of Irkutsk Oil Company to efficiently cope with the challenges of the company's rapid growth and provide its internal customers with the highest possible level of service and reliability.

If the tasks outlined in our case are your priority, we are ready to carry out a set of necessary measures to eliminate existing failures in IT and to prevent potentially possible ones in the new year together with you.

Since the beginning of 2015, SibEDGE has successfully implemented 3 major consulting projects in the area of IT infrastructure audit and related processes. Regular update of customer case base allows solving more complex tasks.

We are always available by e-mail and telephone. We are looking forward to seeing you in our office, and we will be happy to meet on your territory, even if your business is far away from the glorious city of Tomsk.