SibEDGE at CodeFest 2017

SibEDGE at CodeFest 2017

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Диана Сосновская
05 April 2017

Last weekend SibEDGE team attended the annual conference for developers, testers, designers, project and product managers – CodeFest.


Our junior analyst Maria shares her impressions:

I can’t say that I’ve heard something brand new at this year’s CodeFest., but I did manage to find something curious. For instance, the report called “Testing product hypothesis is even easier than you know. Examples from Yandex.Navigator”. Reporters shared their simple and unusual product testing techniques at early stages. Even that one lifehack when you stick tape on your display: “killing” or adding back certain functional takes ages, but sticking and unsticking tape is a matter of two seconds. Considering that you have to do it more than once a day, the advantage is clear.

The atmosphere at the conference was informal, as usual. A great idea was to introduce expert zones, where participants were welcome to ask questions and just debate with speakers a little. Each in his own way :)

Apparently, 40-minute lectures aren’t enough to get full understanding of the new topic. However, you manage to get inspiration from certain cases, kind of food for thought. Such kinds of events motivate you to start planning. Is it worth the time I spent on CodeFest.? Yes, definitely.