Corporate portals

​ A corporate portal is a company’s internal website that is a uniform information system for its staff, ensuring the automation of business processes. We have a proven track record of creating corporate portals on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint. This platform is very convenient because it allows us to scale a portal’s structure by means of adding or deleting separate modules. Such flexible organization of systems lets us make modifications without data losses and breakdowns.
Corporate portals
will ease your

What problems can you solve with the help of a corporate portal?

  • Organizing the safekeeping of documents

    There are a large number of documents that may come in useful for any staff member at any moment: job descriptions, orders, notifications, statement templates, etc. Anytime access to this data can easily be organized by means of deploying a corporate portal.

  • Information exchange system

    Real-time access to files, colleagues’ and partners’ contacts will save considerable time for staff members, and they will be able to spend it more efficiently.

  • A document management system

    One cannot underestimate the advantages of an electronic document management system. Send invoices, contracts, formal notes, and other information within the corporate portal to avoid losing documents and unnecessary red tape, and to speed up the approval of documents.

  • Internal

    The deployment of a single corporate portal will simplify the process of communication and speed up decision-making, which is especially convenient for organizations with a branched structure and multiple branch offices.

  • Staff

    Your company’s staff members will be able to take various courses and take part in educational programs, and you will be able to track their progress and professional growth, as well as develop and maintain individual plans for staff development.

  • Task

    The staff will get an opportunity to set tasks and track their implementation, prioritize them, and effectively plan their work time.

  • Project

    The functionality of a corporate portal allows you to organize project management. To implement this, a user or an administrator creates an affiliated website of a project, where staff members can keep any information about it and keep track of the related tasks.

You will also get:

A calendar, news, business correspondence, time-management, your own social network, blogs and many other things are implemented in the framework of a corporate portal based on SharePoint.
Users will very quickly become familiar with with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which allows you to edit pages similarly to Microsoft Word.
Administering a corporate portal will not also cause any difficulties.

Companies often turn to us with a request to adapt Microsoft SharePoint to their concrete tasks, as no business process runs the same way. Therefore, our developers have gained valuable experience in improving Microsoft SharePoint functions, and they know the ropes. If you need to carry out some creative task with the help of a corporate portal, we will happily help solve it.

Where to begin?

Our analyst will help you specify demands. He will do a close study of your organizational structure and current business processes, communicate with key persons and propose a solution that is absolutely suitable for you.