Firmtel Enterprise Services System

Enterprise-application and mobile client for managing corporate telecommunication and user data.

The system consists of two basic applications: The enterprise - application and the mobile client.


1. Enterprise-application. Basic tasks:

  • Creation of companies, departments, and users, and their registration on the side of third services
  • Loading mobile phone numbers and SIM card numbers and attaching a SIM card number to a mobile number for each user
  • Setting the limit of mobile communication costs at the company level
  • Transfer of a mobile user's number to another provider
  • Creation of mobile subscriptions set in accordance with the company's requirements
  • Activation, suspension, reactivation, deactivation, and locking of SIM cards
  • Calculation of expenditures on mobile communication at the company and user level


2. The mobile client is a cross-platform client for managing corporate telecommunication and user data. Functions available:

  • User authorization
  • Contact list management with status browsing (online, offline, busy, do not disturb)
  • Voice mail management: receiving, viewing, listening to, deleting
  • User data setup: PIN code changes, setting up call diverting and voice mail