Land information system

Project goal: to develop an integrated electronic archive of land management documentation. The system enables the simplification of the procedures of prior and final document approval, makes the processes of data and task transfer between neighboring business units more manageable, and makes the process of drawing up documents more transparent. Development has been carried out on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint 2010.


The main tasks of the system:

  • Ability to store projects, land plots, and estate property, as well as documents related to them, in the system
  • Ability to work with documents through Windows Explorer
  • Ability to quickly extract the structure and content of projects into a zip archive
  • Multi-stage approval of projects within the framework of the workflow
  • Reports on land plots (Word and PDF format) and projects (Excel format). Reports can be saved by the user and are available for further use
  • Integration with geographic information systems (GIS)