Work Time Management

On average, losses from delays, idleness, and the early departure of employees amount to no less than 15 minutes a day. For 100 employees with an average salary of 40,000 rubles, the losses of an enterprise amount to 125,000 rubles monthly.
project time
An easy-to-use and reliable work time monitoring and management system helps reduce enterprise expenditures. The software solution enables keeping account of actual work hours on projects and operations, ensures the tracking of work time spent, and monitors project operation status. Combination with high-bandwidth systems is provided.

What tasks does the work time management system solve?

Assessment of the actual contribution of each branch and service to a project - A report based on the overall effort put into the project with a breakdown by unit. Increase in the accuracy of work planning - Real-time effort reports along with the history of projects, operations, types of operations, and facilities. Optimization of the business processes of an enterprise - A dynamic report showing the effort put into each type of activity.

Capabilities of the work time management system:

  • 1Automatic calculation of monthly working hours according to the type of operation
  • 2Generation of reports on delays, early departures, and underperformance
  • 3Automatic synchronization with access control system data (turnstiles)
  • 4Labor input calculation for each operation
  • 5Delimitation of access rights to information in the system
  • 6Implementation of data transfer to 1C for salary calculation, bonuses, and fines
  • 7Tracking of plan performance and setting deadlines for work completion
  • 8Remote work with the system