They have significant benefits at any time, but these are especially impactful during overcoming crisis.

Sibedge Agile Software Development Service

How does this service apply during and after the pandemic?

  • Cost-efficiency. At Sibedge we use Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and FDD. We choose the right method for each project and make quick adjustments to priorities and approaches. It requires minimal input from the client, reduces costs and Time to market.
  • Quick start and ease of Scaling Up & Down. Dedicated remote engineers enforce the existing company team in just 1 week. 5-7 team members are always available offering quick Scale Up & Down.
  • Performance delivery. Every 4 sprints we conduct a delivery review to improve performance delivery both on Sibedge and client's side.
  • Transparency. Daily meetings & weekly status reporting. A dedicated management role that leads the process.
  • Half-year business review meetings.
  • Technology stacks at one spot: Python, Java, .net, React, Angular, Node.js, Mobile, DevOps, Golang and Machine Learning.
  • The concept of continuous integration and delivery — CI / CD – is the basis of testing. CI / CD is a concept that is implemented as a pipeline, making it easier to merge the code that has just been written with the main code base. This concept allows you to run different types of tests at each stage (performing the integration aspect), finishing with the deployment of the committed code into the actual product that is seen by the end user (performing delivery).

Additionally you may need:

  • Discovery phase. Get the most of project uncertainties out of the way. Business analysts, UX designers, project managers and CTO handle this phase, which takes from 20 to 40 hours.
  • Technical Architect on Demand. Empower your business vision with the leadership and technology acumen of a Technical Architect on Demand who will help you minimize IT-related risks and develop practical solutions to grow your business.
  • Agile software management. We can manage the convergence of the client's budget.

Sibedge Squad-Based Development Service

How does this service apply during the pandemic?

Our small and flexible teams work autonomously to deliver a particular feature of the product. Each squad is cross-functional, consists of up to 8 members and plans together. Squads typically include a designer, a business analyst, developers, and QAs. Utilizing squads in today’s world brings:

  • Increased productivity as members are aligned in their workflow and relationships
  • Minimal input from the client
  • Reduced costs and Time to Market
  • Scaling Up and Down with no loss in time and productivity
  • Risk reduction: project teams typically face two significant challenges - knowledge risk and personnel risk. The former is the result of poor communication and collaboration. Each team member in the squad knows how to do their part and knows the area of responsibility of each team member.