Sibedge’s fintech development services

We focus on fintech software development, so we offer engineering services with domain expertise while also ensuring professional tech guidance to manage changes to architecture that arise after implementation.

What we do

By providing a broad range of fintech product development areas, our experts will help you select the right solution for your specific needs. With a solid background in fintech software development, we know how to turn your ideas into market success.

Traditional and Digital Banking

  • Core banking system modernization
  • Remote banking development
  • Scoring system development


  • Payment system integrations and API development
  • KYC and AML optimization
  • B2C and Mobile payments
  • B2B payments: billing
  • Embedded finance: BNPL solutions and integrations

Trading, brokerage and Crypto

  • Integrations and API development
  • Custom trading software
  • Real-time systems development and integrations
  • Exchange emulation
  • Data parsing from the exchange

Our Solutions for Financial Industry

Sibedge is a trusted provider of customized fintech solutions for companies of different sizes and locations around the world. With a solid 17+ years of experience in audit, design, and software development, we have gained deep domain expertise in a wide range of fintech areas. These include banking, payments, lending, BNPL, and trading. We are the trusted partner to truly modernize and digitize your banking business by solving your fintech company’s unique software development challenges.

IT Audit

Sibedge is your partner at every stage of the custom software development lifecycle. A tech audit aims to define the points of improvement followed by an action plan on how to implement them. Our services are specially tailored for fintech firms and cover the following core areas: technology gap assessment and architecture improvements, IT internal audit services, IT performance, and change management review.
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Solution - IT-Audit

App Modernization

Sibedge has extensive app modernization expertise in fintech and partners with you to help accelerate your transition of applications in a low-risk and controlled manner. Whether you are considering migration of your services from a monolithic to a microservices architecture, application rationalization, user interface modernization, or simplification and standardization of the technology stack to minimize IT expenditure, the Sibedge approach quickly identifies, prioritizes, and removes impediments to digital business.
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Solution - App Modernization

Custom Software Development

We follow the full cycle of fintech software development from the discovery phase to implementation. Our clients include digital banks, exchanges, hedge funds, market data providers, payment companies, and other fintech organizations. Our team delivers fintech software compliant with financial industry standards.
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Solution - Custom Software Development

Cloud Development and Migration

Sibedge builds cloud-based solutions that combine the best cloud-native serverless computing and data technologies with cloud-agnostic applications. Even if your custom application developments began on-premises, you can still make a seamless transition. With hands-on experience for all modern cloud platforms, our engineers will help migrate your infrastructure to the cloud or move it to another cloud platform.
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Solution - Cloud Development and Migration

How we cooperate

Identify current business/project needs
Make partnership commitment
  • We build team for your project with a dedicated Resource manager.
  • We ensure specialists with relevant experience and expertise are part of the team.
  • We make partnership commitment, including price and financial model, description of the interaction model on the project, terms of implementation, responsibilities of the parties, etc.
Team onboarding and project launch
  • Sign legal agreement.
  • Together with the client's team, we build effective communication (determine the channels and format of communication, roles and responsibilities, tools and reporting frequency).
  • We define the stages and terms of project implementation.
  • We provide a seamless start (we hold a kickoff meeting and resolve access issues).
Provide support for reaching efficiency
  • We lead transparent process: daily reporting in the first week of the project, further controlling the results with a specified frequency.
  • The project coordinator / manager initiates and performs the necessary changes.
  • At the end of the third week, we conduct a service delivery review with the client to improve team performance and achieve interim results.
  • We provide flexibility of changes - we scale in 2-4 weeks.
Growing to agile and strategic partnership. We have three types of services
  • Team Extension
  • Agile Software Development
  • Squads Product Development

Customer Success

Teo Vares
Head of Partnerships
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