Infrastructure Migration with Sibedge

Sibedge offers comprehensive infrastructure migration services, including cloud strategy, on-premises to cloud/hybrid migration, and replatforming. Our technical experts assess your infrastructure, develop a customized migration plan, and execute the migration process. We specialize in optimizing applications, databases, and systems for cloud environments, ensuring seamless integration, scalability, and performance. With industry best practices, tools, and automation, we guarantee a smooth and efficient infrastructure migration experience.

Why we recommend the Cloud?

High Availability
High Availability
Maintain uninterrupted access and seamless performance, ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction.
Quickly and efficiently accommodate fluctuating workloads, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.
Disaster Recovery
Cost Effectiveness
Eliminate the need for large up-front investments in hardware and infrastructure while acquiring scalable resources based on actual usage.

Empowering Your Infrastructure with Sibedge

Migrate your solution to the cloud with our expert team. We analyze your infrastructure, applications, and data to design a comprehensive migration plan. Leveraging cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP, we utilize virtual machines, containers (e.g., Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and Elastic Container Service, Azure Kubernetes Service and Container Instances, Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Run), and serverless computing (e.g., AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions) to ensure scalability, high availability, and efficient resource utilization. Benefit from the elasticity, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security the cloud can provide for your company.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Sibedge helps organizations evaluate their readiness to move to a cloud-native architecture and optimize their migration strategies with Cloud Native Readiness Assessments. Our approach involves analyzing the existing IT infrastructure, business objectives, and requirements to design a customized cloud strategy roadmap. We assess the current state, determine cloud adoption models, select cloud service providers, and define migration strategies. Our experienced team of cloud architects and consultants will provide a comprehensive roadmap with concrete steps to help you move your company's infrastructure to a secure and scalable cloud environment that drives and supports the digital transformation of fintech companies.
Clus Strategy Consulting

On-prem to Cloud/Hybrid

We specialize in assisting fintech companies with the intricate process of gradually migrating their on-premises infrastructure to cloud or hybrid environments. Leveraging our expertise in advanced technologies and industry best practices, we ensure a meticulously planned transition that minimizes disruptions and optimizes performance throughout the migration journey. Whether built upon our audits or your distinctive ideas, our approach is deliberate, allowing for careful validation of hypotheses while minimizing disruptions and loss.
Clus Strategy Consulting


Sibedge specializes in providing exceptional replatforming services tailored for fintech companies to facilitate the smooth transition of their applications and systems to modern and effective platforms. With the importance of replatforming to organizations in mind, particularly in terms of cost efficiency and flexibility, we begin by identifying vendor-locked solutions tied to specific platforms. We then carefully design strategies to remove these constraints, ensuring the process improves overall system performance. We determine through thorough analysis the optimal target platform and create a comprehensive replatforming approach. Our experienced team manages the migration of data, applications, and configurations, ensuring minimal disruption and increased compatibility while strategically avoiding proprietary solutions throughout the migration process.

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