Our services: flexible partnership with client

Our service architecture includes three basic services. At any time, we can scale the current service or provide seamless service to another type.
Team Extension
Agile Software Development
Squads Product Development
Additional services

Team Extension

Extended team that is part of your team
Team Extension lets you add developers on demand, at any point of your project’s life cycle either to fill skill gaps and different areas of expertise or speed up project delivery. The customer interacts with the team as if it were his own development team without worrying about additional time spent on in-house hires and administrative matters.

Agile Software Development

Responsibility for project implementation
We manage and are responsible for implementation of agile-projects. The use of advanced software development methodologies, including «flexible» iterative approaches, enables clients to obtain a predictable and transparent result in the shortest possible time.

Squads Product Development

Responsibility for the value of the solution created
Product design and development and product development strategy. Continuous work of product teams in product and market analysis and subsequent design of solutions and the focus on strengthening the product strategy.
Our focus when forming flexible commands
  • Cooperation When an Agile team works together, almost every idea is heard by everyone.
  • Communication and improvement Effective communication is the key of an Agile team. The retrospective is the improvement function of agile teams.
  • Motivation Every Agile team member is personally motivated by contributing value to the project.
  • Customer Involvement Through every step of a project improvement, the customer can give input, make changes, and interact with the Agile team.

Additional services

Technical Support & DevOps
Configure and provide CI/CD, fault tolerance, scalability and project monitoring with modern DevOPS tools - Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, etc.
Software Testing & QA
Take over quality control. This is both manual. and automated testing. We provide a service for both our own development and for others.


From the vast number of existing technologies we only select the most effective ones for our work, in which we have high expertise and which enable us to deliver the best results.
Andrew Podlesnykh
Head of Partnerships
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