Our Services: Software Production

We handle the entire software development process tailored to your business needs. From requirements gathering and analysis to design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.


Banks, payment service providers, fintech companies and other financial institutions trust us to develop payment and billing systems, BNPL platforms and other embedded solutions. We offer services to optimize KYC processes in fintech and modernize applications for financial services.


Sibedge has vast experience of helping construction companies throughout construction lifecycle. This involves integrating existing solutions into clients’ infrastructure, for example designing reference databases and integrating information systems (IC, EDO, BIM). In addition, we optimize general enterprise systems using Sibedge solutions.


We excel at creating educational platforms that facilitate seamless transitions to digital learning environments and employee development. We are also skilled at developing systems that design personalized learning paths for students and actively engage them in the learning. Our e-learning solutions can be easily scaled from hundreds to millions of students.


We develop healthcare solutions like treatment planning systems for radiation therapy equipment and specialized platforms for diagnosing cancer patients. We also integrate patient databases and medical imaging systems into unified networks for seamless access across multiple devices, as well as design and implement telemedicine platforms to improve healthcare delivery.