Regular Pitfalls to Avoid When Expanding a Software Development Team

Are you missing experts with specific know-how? Can you afford to spend months and money finding the right in-house engineers?

You have probably encountered the fact that the work on the IT project might be slowed down or stopped at all due to the shortage of developers with necessary expertise. These are the moments when team extension needed to be done quickly and with minimal risks.

Being a technical director at Sibedge for 12 years, I know exactly what mistakes businesses make in the process of expanding internal teams. They result in a loss of time, money and opportunities. Here, I’d like to share with you my experience on the 9 main pitfalls that often come with augmenting software development teams.

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Seva Morotskiy
Seva is CTO at Sibedge with a considerable experience in helping companies and startups modernise and optimize their business performance through technological inovations.