Sibedge — 15 Years in Business

This summer Sibedge turned 15 years old. From a small group of enthusiastic developers, Sibedge has grown into an international company with 175+ employees. We are proud to be in the mainstream of business and make a difference. We build and integrate modern digital solutions to help our clients improve outcomes across their businesses. Still, after all these years, the most important strategy we pursue is putting our employees first.

Humble beginnings make a great story. Back in 2006, in the early days of Sibedge, there were just a couple of engineers huddling in a tiny space. In less than a year, the company moved into a one-bedroom apartment that could fit six desks. In 2008, we opened our first office able to house up to 30 people.

Today, Sibedge has over 175 employees across 36 cities around the world. We set up representative offices in Australia and the USA. Within 15 years, we grew not only in number but in scale as well: we conduct projects in 27 countries.

Sibedge’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Kalinin, strongly believes in the power of uniting people. It is what our company has been and will be built on. People who go after the same goal can make a company truly great. We view the atmosphere of mutual trust and support in Sibedge as one of our biggest achievements.

Sibedge is steadily growing and strengthening its position as an international company. We continue to expand our presence and capabilities in Australia while the geographical diversity of our clients is continually increasing.