Sibedge featured in the US media

Sibedge has announced an upgrade to its Team Extension service which will see intricate people management and collaboration practices centralized in a functional partnership. The updated service allows to streamline communication, project management, and talent pipeline. The news was picked up by multiple U.S. media outlets including American Press, The State Journal, and Business Chef.

With the new enhancements, Team Extension gives project managers the ability to delegate the challenges of new engineers onboarding and induction process to the service-provider. They can now focus on the project itself while dedicated managers from Sibedge will engage in the client’s industry, commit to the project goals and make it a success.

As an advocate of SaaP approach to IT services, Sibedge adds several components into Team Extension each of which amplifies our product:

  • team integration and support backed up with risk-sharing;
  • corporate and external educational resources available for the team;
  • team leader’s expertise to deepen the team’s skills and fasten the integration process;
  • measuring employee satisfaction on a quarterly basis.

These add-ons help Sibedge develop a manageable service for efficient project delivery. They address the need to take outstaffing to the next level and mitigate the risks of off-shore software development by improving the visibility across the teams and into the projects.

To read the full press release, visit the American Press website.