Sibedge Ranked Second Among Best Web Development Companies According to People’s Choice Award 2021

Peoples Choice Award 2021

People’s Choice Award honors IT companies that demonstrate innovative approaches to software development. According to the results of counting the votes of employees and clients of participating companies, Sibedge took second place in the Best Web Development Companies nomination.

One of the criteria for choosing the winners was the presence of a culture of inclusiveness and diversity (Diversity & Inclusion) in the companies. Inclusiveness in business is when people feel comfortable at work, regardless of their appearance, background, gender and health status. This requires the employer to create a special corporate culture in which employees can be themselves. The culture should be maintained not only within the company, but also outside - in relations with customers.

Sibedge was noted as one of the most progressive companies in this direction. When hiring specialists, we focus solely on their professional skills, and not on gender, race or age. Over the past few years, the number of female engineers in the company has increased significantly, and Sibedge management has an equal number of women and men.

Another trend is the interaction of several generations as part of one team. Age diversity in the team allows you to see the product from several angles, which can give the business unexpected benefits. Sibedge considers candidates for both beginners and advanced professionals. The age of our employees varies from 20 to 50 years. The company also provides jobs for people with disabilities — they can work remotely with us.

One of the strategic goals of Sibedge is to create comfortable working conditions for all employees. We feel that we are on the right track, and we are grateful to our colleagues and partners for their trust and support!

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