Work&Life Balance for the Employees is a Conscious Business Choice

In a survey by Mercer, 63% of employees at market-leading companies admit that they were afraid of burnout even before the pandemic began, and COVID-19 only made the situation worse. That is why the topic of corporate well-being has been among the top HR trends in recent years. The business is transforming and gradually moving to caring for employees’ culture, realizing that an approach that excludes people from the business equation is a path to nowhere.
In the current environment, focusing solely on business values is unwise. We need a more mature approach and awareness of people's values. A culture of caring for employees allows a business to achieve impressive results in the long run. Sibedge understands this perfectly and together with experts Yvette Novikova and Lyudmila Eckhardt (Artamonova) from the Wellbeing Waves team continues to integrate well-being programs into its culture.

People are personally responsible for their well-being. It is important to continuously develop, to build an internal balance because this improves understanding of self as well as the quality of life. Businesses can support employees in their quest to create conditions to help people take control of the balance.

The workshop "Work and other important areas of life balance" aroused genuine interest among Sibedge employees. The mental health of a person depends not only on the atmosphere at work but also on the well-being of the family, relationships with other people, personal hobbies and many other elements. But how can such a complex ecosystem achieve balance? Many people came to the workshop in search of an answer to this question.

The workshop consisted of the following blocks:
  1. The areas of life and the actors of each of the areas.
  2. The manager: specifics and skills. Adaptation and development strategies.
  3. The PERMA model.
Feedback from the workshop participants showed the relevance of the topic and the benefits of such programs for employees. Here are just a few reviews:
All of us have faced excessive psychological pressure due to burning deadlines or other stressful situations at work. This increases stress and may even cause health problems. Balanced employees are psychologically more stable, productive, and motivated. They skillfully distribute time, delineating work and other areas of their lives. That is why it is important to take a responsible position in terms of building a personal balance, and the business can supply the necessary knowledge, tools and opportunities.
The right balance of work and other areas of life is a conscious and very mature choice. It allows you to increase productivity, reduce the risk of burnout and avoid health problems. Realizing this, Sibedge continues to focus on a human-centered approach, helping its employees move to a whole new level of balance in different areas of life and work processes.