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Service team extension

We offer the approach «Extension of IT-commands as a service», in which the main value for the client is zero time of the engineers' entry into the project. The customer interacts with the team as if it were his own development team. There is no doubt that Sibedge has a manager who controls booting and even distribution
Resource Manager helps to get the right people on the team
in compliance with engineering grades and cultural fit. Remote engineers can join your team in just 1 week (after the agreement is signed).
Dedicated management role
leads the transparent process and ensures people management to build an engaging experience.
Team scale up & scale down
for quick reaction to priority changes.
CI/CD culture and regular delivery reviews
enable teams to improve performance delivery. Making quality everyone’s job!
Technology stacks at one spot:
Python, Java, .net, React, Angular, Node.js, Mobile, DevOps, Golang and Machine Learning. R&D centers accumulate knowledge to strengthen client's expertise.
How we cooperate
Identify current business/project needs
Make partnership commitment
  • We build team for your project with a dedicated Resource manager.
  • We ensure specialists with relevant experience and expertise are part of the team.
  • We make partnership commitment, including price and financial model, description of the interaction model on the project, terms of implementation, responsibilities of the parties, etc.
Team onboarding and project launch
  • Sign legal agreement.
  • Together with the client's team, we build effective communication (determine the channels and format of communication, roles and responsibilities, tools and reporting frequency).
  • We define the stages and terms of project implementation.
  • We provide a seamless start (we hold a kickoff meeting and resolve access issues).
Provide support for reaching efficiency
  • We lead transparent process: daily reporting in the first week of the project, further controlling the results with a specified frequency.
  • The project coordinator / manager initiates and performs the necessary changes.
  • At the end of the third week, we conduct a service delivery review with the client to improve team performance and achieve interim results.
  • We provide flexibility of changes - we scale in 2-4 weeks.
Growing to agile and strategic partnership. We have three types of services:
  • Team Extension
  • Agile Software Development
  • Squads Product Development
We keep constant contact with the client and at an early stage we can connect a new service or scale the existing
Are you missing experts with specific know-how?
Can you afford to spend months and money finding the right in-house engineers?