We are a software developing company focusing on business transformation with humane approach. For over 10 years of work we have successfully implemented more than 200 projects working across more than 10 countries. Offices are located in San Francisco, CA, in Moscow and Tomsk, Russia. In 2019 the company opened a representative office in Australia.


Sibedge and Global Edge Complete Merger

Creating Fully Integrated International Software Development Company

SibEDGE at CodeFest 2017

Last weekend SibEDGE team attended the annual conference for developers, testers, designers, project and product managers – CodeFest.


«Tomsk Obzor» online magazine released a short film about Tomsk IT community. How viable is this field? Are there any growth opportunities or all we can offer is the launch platform for those who take off to Moscow in pursuit of something bigger? Do we stand a chance to become IT-Tomsk? Lots of questions wait to be answered. Together with colleagues, SibEDGE expressed its viewpoint on what is going on in IT today.

Gorod IT 2016 is coming up

Less than two weeks left before the most remarkable event in IT life of Tomsk – Gorod IT Conference 2016.